Vanessa Beecroft | Performance – Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy, VB84, 02.10.17, 15h

Caroline Smulders has the pleasure of sending you a personal invitation to Vanessa Beecroft’s upcoming performance at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

vanessa beecroft vb45, 2001 vb45.004.dr kunsthalle wien, vienna ©vanessa beecroft 2017 Courtesy Galleria Lia Rumma, Milan/Naples with Caroline Smulders, Paris

Vanessa Beecroft was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1969 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.
Her work has been shown internationally since 1993, and often presents provocative social commentary and critique. Beecroft is noted for her innovative performances and unconventional approach to the creation of images and communication.
Since 2008 sculpture is the genre that the artist has been exploring and redefining, together with performance art, video and photography in what has increasingly become an investigation and synthesis of the terrain vague that unites “the arts of time and the arts of space”. “The unnatural juxtaposition between the life and warmth of the bodies and the cold stillness of stone” – says the artist – “highlights the melancholy and fascination of sculpture”.

Her performances consist of tableaux vivants that comprise real people, often naked, that are placed by the artist in museums or gallery spaces. Silent, indifferent, and scantily dressed and either stroll about or sit down slowly, following a choreography painstakingly prepared by the artist down to the very last detail. With their pale and bored-looking expressions, these female beauties who lack passion or aims seem to have lost all pleasure and fecundity, and represent a model of beauty capable of re-appropriating the body and sucking out the vitality.

The artist, inspired by the language of the XX century – particularly by German Expressionism – and by directors such as Rossellini or Godard, transfers on a personal perceptive level the idea that moves from the mutation that those languages impress on our minds. Both performance, video and photography become the media through which she represents the distances between those who watch the actions and the actions themselves. Thus, the bodies represent a reflective mirror – impossible to penetrate.

FYI- Paris Photo: This year Gallery Caroline Smulders will be associated with the Italian Gallery Lia Rumma, representing Vanessa Beecroft. For Paris Photo we will showcase an ensemble of Polaroids (from 1993 to nowadays) by the artist, which were the object of a solo exhibition in the magnificent Palazzo Reale in Milan (2016). Next to Polaroids we will present a selection of the artist’s major photographs illustrating her spectacular performances. (Vernissage – 8th of November 2017, 11h-21h30 – Exhibition: 9th – 12th of November 2017, 12h – 20h)